A Few Friendly Reminders!

Eric Buzzard, Assessor Marshall County

Have you remembered to file your 2022 Individual Personal Property Report listing your vehicles, boats, campers, dogs, etc. owned as of July 1st?  Forms and return envelopes were mailed in early July and will be accepted until October 1, 2021.  Filing late or failure to file may result in a$25.00 penalty.

If you have already filed, Thank You for doing so in such a prompt manner and NO FURTHER ACTION IS NEEDED ON YOUR PART.  However, it is always your prerogative to call the office at 304-845-1490 to verify that your report has been received and entered correctly.  We will gladly assist you.

If you haven’t filed, do so now.  If you don’t have a form, or are not able to visit the Courthouse to be assessed, relax!  You can now complete the form on your personal computer by simply visiting the Assessor’s Office Website at www.marcoassessor.org.

Simply, click the Assessor’s Forms icon from the Homepage; next click the Submit Your 2022 Personal Property Report Online icon; enter the owner, address, vehicle, and dog information as instructed, and then click the Submit Button at the bottom of the page.  That is all it takes!

Those not filing a Personal Property Report will not receive a 2022 Tax bill and will be assessed late filing fees and interest charges when a supplemental bill is issued!

And. . .

Homestead Exemption Deadline December 1st

The deadline for the Assessor’s Office to accept new applications for the Homestead Exemption which would begin in the 2022 Tax Year is Wednesday, December 1, 2021.  Those persons who will be 65 years of age on or before June 30, 2022 and those who are totally and permanently disabled are eligible to apply and receive the Exemption.

Those who are turning 65 after December 1st but before June 30, 2022, need to apply now so that the Exemption will be applied to the 2022 real estate tax bill.  The Homestead Exemption does not exempt you from paying taxes, but allows up to $20,000 to be deducted from the assessed value of the home used as your primary residence.

The Homestead Exemption saves senior citizens in Marshall County over $1,000,000 in property taxes annually.  Anyone not able to come to the Courthouse should call 845-1490 and the Assessor will visit your home to complete the application.  

And Finally . . .

To Our New RV Park Tenants and Site Owners

The Assessor’s Office recognizes that you have come to our County to work in our emerging gas industry and may not permanently relocate to Marshall County.  However, residing here in these RV Parks for  lengthy, extended periods of time and utilizing many of our services that are supported by County tax dollars, means that you have a responsibility also to pay your fair share for the property located in the County during the annual assessment period.  We have visited these sites to identify and assess the RV’s and will be issuing a 2022 Property Tax Bill next year.  Whether you decide to honor that bill is between you, your conscience and the Marshall County Sheriff whose responsibility is to collect all property tax bills that are due.

To the RV Site Owners who have developed these parks, many sites in past years had been classified as vacant, unproductive, residential or commercial land with minimum values attached.  However, rental income is now being received and improvements have been made to the site. We are certainly not trying to drive away business, but the Assessor’s Office may need to adjust the assessed value of the acreage involved.  Some sites may see no change, while others will, depending on the past use classification of the acreage.  I would encourage you to contact my office in late December, 2021 to determine the value established.