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NEWS RELEASE From the desk of the Marshall County Assessor concerning property data collection for this year.

Appraisers and Data Collectors from the Marshall County Assessor’s Office will begin data field reviews for residential property(s) in Clay District, Franklin District, Liberty District, Meade District, Sandhill District and Webster District in this year’s cycle beginning Monday, April 20, 2020.  This physical review helps us to keep your appraisal for tax purposes fair and equal and is required by the WV State Tax Department.  Typically, workers would knock on your door and let you know they were there to review your information.  We are continuing to work in these areas, however, due to the coronavirus and health of both the land owners and the employees, they will not be knocking on doors.  They will be reviewing the information from a distance.  Current information will be checked, new construction added, if any construction has been razed, a new picture will be taken.  Any new construction added or razed buildings within the last 3 years should be reported by calling the Assessor’s Office.  It has never been and is not necessary to see inside your home.  The vehicles are marked and have County license plates and the employees have Identification badges with pictures to identify themselves.  It is still possible to personally talk with the appraisers by calling the Marshall County Assessor’s Office at 304-845-1490, option #2. If you do not live in one of the districts listed above but have questions or concerns about your residential property. Of course, you are encouraged to call our office.  We are trying to protect the citizens of our county and our employees while we continue to do our jobs.  Thank you for your cooperation.  


Terry D. McDiffitt,

Marshall County Assessor