The current policy of the Marshall County Assessor’s Office is to assess mineral interest when an oil & gas lease is signed.  Ownership is determined by the signing of the lease.  In West Virginia, mineral ownership is taxable property.  Since we have no idea what interest is owned by an individual, we assess the mineral interest at minimum value of $180.  The current levy rate is then applied to that value and a bill is generated.  Once the individual starts to receive production income then the assessed value is based on the production income paid to the individual.  If the production income is less than $180 then the minimum assessment of $180 is still used.  Pursuant to West Virginia Code, mineral assessments are the responsibility of the State Tax Department.  The current policy of the State Tax Department is to assess minerals interest at 100% ownership until the taxpayer furnished additional information.  The State Tax Department normally makes the change to the ownership the second year of the assessment.  The Assessor’s Office can only make changes if the taxpayer furnishes the actual percentage of ownership.

We cannot with any certainty tell you where these mineral interests are located.  Some of the newer leases have a map and parcel listed that the leasing company believe the interest is located under.  We cannot determine this for an individual.  If you want to know what you own and where it is located you will need to research the interest on the land books or hire an attorney to do a title for you.  We are not qualified to do so.

Eric Buzzard,

Marshall County Assessor